Custom Woven Labels

Adding an accent with custom woven tags is a great way to further develop your brand. We supply high quality woven damask labels that are perfect for hems, sleeves, or toques. Labels are versatile and can be used season after season to reinforce your brand.

1. Design your label. See our design guidelines, or use a free template.


2. Submit your Order, and upload your design.


3. Approve your Digital Proof, and Physical Sample.


4. Receive your Labels!

Order high quality custom woven labels with confidence.

Quick Turnaround & FREE Shipping!

Get your labels quickly! Most samples are ready for approval in 1-2 days, and most orders arrive within 8-9 business days. Plus free shipping on every order, anywhere in Canada or U.S.A.

Finishing Touches.

Woven labels are finished with heat-sealed edges to prevent fraying. Choose between Flat or Centre Folded labels, or add Manhattan Folds for smoother corners.

Order with Confidence.

A sample is provided for approval. Production begins only after your sewn samples are approved.

Rapid Communication.

We are customer service experts and can't wait to talk about your next project.

Premium Quality

A sharp eye for detail is focussed on every step of your order. Woven damask tags use fine threads to create a soft, detailed label.

Wholesale Pricing and Low Minimums

Take advantage of our competitive pricing starting at only 300 labels.

Flat & Centre Folded Hem Tag Pricing
  • 300 labels

  • $205CAD
  • 600 labels

  • $225CAD
  • 1000 labels

  • $265CAD
  • 3000 labels

  • $460CAD
FREE SHIPPING anywhere in CANADA or U.S.A.

If you’re a custom screenprinting client we can hold onto your labels between orders.

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Template Downloads

25mm x 25mm square label,

center folded.


The total dimensions of this label would be 25mm x 50mm.

40mm x 40mm square label,

center folded.


The total dimensions of this label would be 40mm x 80mm.

40mm x 20mm flat label,

no folding.


The total dimensions of this label would be 40mm x 20mm.

Frequently Asked Questions

about Custom Woven Labels
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Woven labels can be made to a max of 40mm x 80mm, including end folds. Custom sizes are available, please ensure the files are sized to the dimensions you want.

The minimum quantity for custom woven labels is x300 pieces.

This quantity cannot be split across multiple designs or colour variations.

Only minor variations can be split across the x300 piece minimum. For example, custom sizing/care labels where the only variation is the size (S, M, L, etc.) indicated on the label. Each size variation is +$15. Please contact us directly for more information.

A Manhattan End Folds help with sewing and are more comfortable for labels that rest against bare skin.

The end of the labels are folded over, giving a cleaner corner on the ends of the label. This is helpful for t-shirt labels that will be brushing up against bare skin and gives a cleaner finished look than a cut corner.

An additional benefit from the End Folds is that they provide a sturdier stitch during the sewing process, since multiple layers of the label are being sewn down.

Sure is! We recommend drawing the dimensions on a piece of paper, cutting it out, and using it as a placeholder. This small paper label is a great way to visualize the size of your woven label.

Of course! We want to be sure that your design translates well to the woven label.


Custom Woven Labels are approved in two steps.


  1. After submitting your Order, you will approve a digital mockup of the label, along with dimensions and any other specs.

  3. Once the digital proof is approved, production will create a single woven sample. A photograph of the sample will be provided for your approval before production proceeds on the full run.

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